Talents & Schooling

Understanding your child's personality traits, both strengths and weaknesses, can highlight how they need to express themselves.  This shows when they'll shine at their best and retreat at their weakest so you'll know exactly what talents to encourage. Will they be an astronaut or an entrepreneur? Discover your child's best learning style and choose methods that bring out their brilliance. Communicate effectively and encourage your child's self-expression with the "Talents & Schooling" section of the My Little Character book.

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Goals & Motivation

When you know what motivates your child you have direct access to help them achieve goals and increase their happiness and wellbeing.  Is your child a self-motivator or do they prefer to collaborate with others?  The "Goals" section helps you channel your child's energy into productive activities.

Childhood Journey

Every child is unique with their own special journey to travel in life. The "Childhood Journey" section further explores the complexity of your child's personality revealing key themes and lessons to be learnt.  Having the heads up on traits to develop enhances your child's future.


Family Bonding

In the "Family & Friends" section of the My Little Character book the child's perception of their mother and father is revealed providing insight into how to improve emotional bonding. Better meet your child's basic needs and discover what makes your child feel most nurtured.


This section also discusses your child's preferred interaction style and how they best receive love to further enhance rewarding relationships with family and friends.

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