Balancing Act: Motherhood vs Career

July 29, 2014


Motherhood and Career


If you’re like most women, do you wish there were more hours in the day?  As you rush out the door, traveller in hand, you’re already running late and whilst the kids are fed, you haven’t had breakfast!


As you check emails, your little cherub vies for your attention.  You know in your heart of hearts they’re only getting half of you and you feel guilty for it.  Non-the-less, tomorrow will be a repeat scenario – unless you choose to do something different!


First of all – here’s the good news – you don’t need more hours in the day to be successful – so STOP wishing for them! You’re only distracting yourself from the real solution.


STEP 1. De-compartmentalise: as much as women are known for their natural multi-tasking abilities, keep your mind on the task at hand.  Train yourself to “clock-on” and “clock-off” at work and home.  Having a clear definition of your roles in each environment can accelerate your performance.


STEP 2. Prioritise: sometimes we get so conditioned to being ‘yes’ people – that we forget to say ‘no’.  Let’s be realistic, being a hardworking professional and a great mum may need some re-defining.  How important is it to unpack the dishwasher if it means missing out on reading to your kid?  Delegate to others where you can, say yes to help and prioritise you!


STEP 3. Quality time: this step is the jewel in the crown. By implementing the other two steps we begin to create quality time.  Quality time is about engaging 100% in the moment.  It’s also about being efficient.  Our duties at work can be very clear cut.  But when it comes to home, sometimes we’re juggling so many hats – cook, cleaner, nurse, wife, mum – it can be difficult to know where to start. When it comes to motherhood, it’s not how much time you spend with your kids, that builds a security and bond between the two of you – it’s what you do with your time.  Creating quality time with the kids starts with understanding their natures – what suits one doesn’t necessarily suit the other.  One child can feel loved and secure with hugs and cuddles, another prefers to chat your ear off, while another wants to be left alone.  If you know exactly what builds inner security in your child you have a direct link to creating quality time with them.

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